Spring 2021 Dashboard

(last updated May 14, 2021)

The following metrics are based on the data reported to VCU Student Health Services and Employee Health. Learn more about testing and screening for COVID-19 at VCU. This information is not updated on weekends or days the university is closed, including holidays. Results from weekends and holidays are reported the next business day. The fall 2020 dashboard is available here. 


Active cases
Active cases are the number of people who have tested positive and are in isolation either on-campus or off-campus. Any reduction in cases indicates individuals being cleared to return to work or class.

Isolation and quarantine
Isolation separates those who test positive from people who are not sick. Quarantine separates and restricts the movement of those who may have been exposed to see if they become sick. Isolation and quarantine information presented below is specific to on-campus residential students. Off-campus students and employees may also be isolated or quarantined. Any reduction in cases indicates individuals being cleared to return to work or class.

Symptomatic testing
This is the number of tests conducted for those with symptoms of COVID-19. This number includes the number of tests conducted at VCU Health testing sites as well as those that are conducted outside of VCU and later self-reported.  

Asymptomatic surveillance testing
VCU tests a percentage of asymptomatic community members Monday through Thursday to gauge the proportion of people with COVID-19 in the VCU community. This was previously referred to as "asymptomatic prevalence testing." VCU's Public Health Response Team monitors the asymptomatic positivity rate as an indicator of the prevalence of COVID-19 in our community. The goal is to test 5% of residential students and 2% of non-residential students and employees on a monthly basis.

Entry testing
Residential students are mailed test kits to conduct COVID-19 testing prior to move-in. VCU restricts move-in for students who test positive. 

At-will testing
A limited number of “at-will” COVID-19 testing appointments are available on a first-come, first served basis Monday through Thursday for VCU students and employees as long as they are asymptomatic, have not been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19 and do not already have a scheduled test as part of the asymptomatic surveillance testing process. At-will testing is voluntary and is offered at no cost.

% positive
This is the percentage of total tests in each category.

Total cases
The total case number is the number of VCU community members who have been known to test positive for COVID-19 since the start of classes. This table shows the changes in active cases over time. 

Total tests
This table shows the number of tests in each test category. VCU continues to conduct symptomatic testing and asymptomatic surveillance testing. Entry testing is conducted for residential students prior to move-in.


Active cases
  • Active student cases of COVID-19: 3*
  • Active employee cases of COVID-19: 2
  • As reported to Student Health Services and Employee Health. See reporting requirements below.
Symptomatic testing
  • Positive: 443
  • Negative: 387
  • Total: 830
  • % Positive: 54%
Asymptomatic surveillance testing
  • Positive tests: 33
  • Negative tests: 8448
  • Total: 8481
  • % Positive: .39%
Entry/exit testing

Entry tests

  • Positive tests: 65
  • Negative tests: 3674
  • Total: 3739
  • % Positive: 1.7%

Exit tests

  • Positive tests: 0
  • Negative tests: 149
  • Total: 149
  • % Positive: 0%
On-campus isolation and quarantine
  • Residential students currently in isolation on-campus: 0
  • Residential students currently in quarantine on-campus: 0
  • Total number of residential students: 1866

VCU's Public Health Response Team monitors the asymptomatic positivity rate as an indicator of the prevalence of COVID-19 in our community. This rate is monitored alongside the Richmond area's positivity rate as reported by the Virginia Department of Health (VDH). Representatives of VDH work closely with VCU's Public Health Response Team to guide our decision-making process. The Richmond percent positivity seven-day moving average as of May 10 is 3.7%. Note, VDH does not track positivity rates by symptomatic and asymptomatic, which makes direct comparisons difficult. 

*On May 10, the number of active student cases dropped from 30 to 1 due to a data validation discovery of student cases that required updating to show they were no longer active. 

Total cases

DateNew student cases of COVID-19New employee cases of COVID-19
January 2021 188 61
Week ending Feb. 5 39 5
Week ending Feb. 12 60 8
Week ending Feb. 19 59 4
Week ending Feb. 26 28 5
Week ending Mar. 5 20 4
Week ending Mar. 12 12 6
Week ending Mar. 19 13 6
Week ending Mar. 26 16 9
Week ending Apr. 2 10 5
Week ending Apr. 9 10 8
Week ending Apr. 16 10 2
Week ending Apr. 23 8 2
Week ending Apr. 30 3 0
Week ending May 7 0 1
Week ending May 14 6 0
Total cases 482 126

Total tests

Test typeNegativePositiveTotal
Symptomatic 387 443 830
Surveillance 8448 33 8481
Entry 3674 65 3739
Exit 149 0 149
At-will 641 6 647
Total tests 13,299  547 13,846

About this dashboard

VCU's COVID-19 dashboard provides transparent details about the number of positive cases in our community and additional numbers related to testing, numbers of those in quarantine and in isolation. The dashboard will be updated daily Monday through Friday and will be the most accurate way to track COVID-19 at VCU.

It is important to note that VCU will not widely communicate details about individual cases to the community or to media out of respect for the privacy of any COVID-19 patients. Several privacy laws apply to the communication of information about students, employees, and patients that could result in the unintentional disclosure of individual health information and status. For this reason, VCU plans on providing data on the dashboard in an aggregated format and does not provide information on particular groups or specific locations so as to avoid the inadvertent identification of individuals' health information and status.

Working with our partners in the Virginia Department of Health, our Student Health and Employee Health offices will work to notify individuals reported to them who may have been exposed to a confirmed COVID-19 so that they may monitor their own health symptoms and self-quarantine.