Entry Pass

Entry Pass is a digital tool that shows whether you have submitted your COVID-19 vaccine record to VCU or — if you are not vaccinated or have not submitted your record — whether you are in compliance with completing daily health checks and/or asymptomatic surveillance testing. If you have a verified vaccine record on file with VCU, your Entry Pass automatically shows a green check. All students will be required to use Entry Pass to access certain VCU facilities.

Entry Pass is available in the VCU Mobile app and online at entrypass.vcu.edu. Think of Entry Pass as a “fast pass.” Students who are vaccinated or who complete their daily health check and comply with asymptomatic surveillance testing will use Entry Pass to more easily access certain campus facilities. Students without an Entry Pass will review safety and compliance requirements with an entry attendant, who can answer questions and offer resources. For those who are not vaccinated or have not submitted their vaccine record to VCU, non-compliance with daily health checks or surveillance testing may ultimately result in building access restrictions and/or disciplinary action.

Note: Learn more about asymptomatic surveillance testing and how to know when and if you will be asked to participate.

How it works

To access certain campus facilities, you will be asked to show your Entry Pass. Prior to visiting campus facilities, we strongly encourage you to check your Entry Pass status (visit entrypass.vcu.edu to check or print your Entry Pass or click on Entry Pass in the VCU Mobile app). When entering campus facilities, be prepared to display your digital Entry Pass or printout. An entry attendant will ask you to show your Entry Pass (from your laptop, from a mobile device using the Entry Pass module in the VCU Mobile app, or by showing your printed pass).

Entry Pass and in-person classes
Faculty have the option of using Entry Pass to enforce compliance with daily health monitoring and mandatory surveillance testing. This only applies to classes that meet in-person and students must be notified in advance. Faculty who choose to use Entry Pass should discuss this expectation with their class before implementing Entry Pass and read the information below for a full understanding of how the tool is designed to be used. 

It is imperative to note that Entry Pass only monitors compliance with public health measures required for in-person activities on-campus. It does not display personal health information, such as vaccination status, nor is it an indicator of health.

Students with a green check or yellow warning will not face restrictions to buildings or in-person activities. Students whose Entry Pass displays a red X may face restricted entry to in-person classes until compliance activities are complete. If a student’s Entry Pass continues to show a red X even after completing their daily health check, it means they are out of compliance with asymptomatic surveillance testing.

Green check

If your Entry Pass shows a green check, that means you have a verified COVID-19 vaccine record on file with the university OR you’ve completed your daily health check and, if applicable, complied with asymptomatic surveillance testing. Show your Entry Pass to the entry attendant and you will be quickly cleared to enter. A green check is not an indicator of your health status. Students are still responsible for following any public safety measures that are currently in place at VCU, which could mean, for example, wearing a face covering and handwashing.

Entry pass green check example

Yellow warning

If you are asked to participate in asymptomatic surveillance testing and do not book an appointment, or if you fail to show for a scheduled appointment, your Entry Pass will show a yellow warning. You will have one week to schedule your appointment and receive your test. Check for an email from covidtest@vcu.edu, which will have details about how to complete your surveillance test. The yellow warning is only applicable to non-compliance with surveillance testing and is not applicable to compliance with the daily health check.

Entry pass yellow warning example

Red X

A red X means one of two things that can be rectified by completing the following steps.

  • You have not completed your daily health check. You can complete your daily health check on the spot using the Entry Pass module in the VCU Mobile app, instantly resulting in a green check, or prior to allowing entry, the attendant will ask you to answer a lengthy series of questions about compliance with public safety measures. Either way, you will be able to enter the facility. Completing your health check is the fastest.
  • You have not complied with asymptomatic surveillance testing. If after completing your daily health check, your Entry Pass continues to show a red X, it means you are out of compliance with surveillance testing, entry will be denied and you must contact covidtest@vcu.edu immediately to schedule a test appointment. Note, you will only receive a red X after several repeated reminders about your participation in surveillance testing. If you have any questions or conflicts, email covidtest@vcu.edu.
  • If you have reported your COVID-19 vaccine to VCU but are receiving a Red X, please contact together@vcu.edu to help resolve the issue.

Entry pass red x example


Review the frequently asked questions about Entry Pass or contact together@vcu.edu.