Weekly update for faculty and staff: Daily health checks, counseling services, return to research and more

As we plan the return to campus for the university’s students, faculty and staff, our priorities are the health, safety and wellness — both physical and emotional — of every member of the VCU community. Many details have been worked out, and many are still to come. This weekly update will be a resource to help keep you informed as details become available. All updates are available at together.vcu.edu. Receive notifications by downloading VCU Mobile from your iOS or Android app store.

Supply kits for employees and students

VCU provides supply kits for returning students and employees. Supply kits include washable cloth face coverings, refillable hand sanitizer and refillable disinfectant spray. These kits are provided at no cost to the student or employee. Students and employees may also use personal face coverings, disinfectant and hand sanitizer if desired. Vendors seeking to sell VCU-branded face coverings or supply kits are not acting at the request of VCU. Learn more about VCU's return to campus plans at https://together.vcu.edu/.

Daily health checks

Returning students and employees must complete a brief health survey each day. Per the One VCU: Responsible Together plan, these surveys are required and help monitor the overall health of the VCU community. VCU does not record or share any personal information. VCU only tracks if users do or do not respond. The daily health survey is required for all designated employees, employees returning to work on campus and hybrid-telework employees, and begins on the date they return to campus. A survey reminder is emailed daily from healthcheck@vcu.edu, including weekends to cover those who work over the weekend. Employees must only respond on the days they work, including the days they work from home. Employees are not required to respond if they are off from work or on leave. Completion of surveys will be monitored. Continued non-compliance is reported to managers and/or Student Affairs and is subject to disciplinary action.

New process for after-hours calls to University Counseling Services

In response to student concerns, as well as the university’s commitment to transitioning our public safety model, VCU students who are experiencing a mental health emergency after hours and on weekends no longer need to call the VCU Police in order to speak with a crisis clinician. Students can now call University Counseling Services (UCS) day or night to speak with a trained professional who can offer risk assessment and crisis stabilization for students experiencing a mental health concern. Contact UCS at (804) 828-6200 or uccounseling@vcu.edu.

Decision on next phase of Return to Research (R2R)

Vice President for Research and Innovation Dr. Srirama Rao evaluated the status of the R2R and determined that VCU research will move into Phase III as of July 1. Some PIs may decide to wait to return until after the July 4 holiday. Check with your supervisor before returning to campus. Review the OVPRI R2R website for more details on the phased return to research procedures.