Message to the VCU Community - September 3, 2021

Dear VCU Community,

Throughout the pandemic, VCU has focused on the health and safety of our community, as evidenced by the vaccination requirement for students and employees. Almost all of the VCU community — 97.4% of students and 89% of employees — is fully compliant with current vaccine or exemption requirements.

This message is about our efforts to achieve compliance among the small percentage of those who have not reported their vaccination or requested a medical or religious exemption.

Please note the following vaccination requirement reminders and new information about associated disciplinary measures for noncompliance. These decisions were made with input from student, faculty and staff representatives.

  • Students and employees are required to report their vaccination status or request a medical or religious exemption. Students who have not yet responded will continue to have a hold placed on their registration, which 1) limits their ability to make changes to their schedule, 2) prevents registration for spring 2022 classes and 3) requires them to report for surveillance testing (details below).
  • Employees who have not yet reported their vaccination status or requested an exemption must do so by September 15 or report for surveillance testing (details below). Employees who fail to report a vaccination or request an exemption by October 1 will be subject to termination. Those who have already responded and wish to check their vaccination reporting status, visit your myVCU portal (click on VCU Profile in the top right dropdown).
    • Students report here.
    • Employees report here.
  • Students and employees who have not reported vaccine status or who have a religious or medical exemption are required to report for surveillance testing and complete daily health checks. 
    • Students who do not report for testing will face disciplinary action up to and including administrative withdrawal from classes for the fall semester. Students will receive a warning if they miss one test; if they miss two they will be administratively withdrawn.
  • Employees who do not comply with testing requirements will face disciplinary action up to and including terminationAll employees who are not fully vaccinated, including those with medical and religious exemptions, and who do not have a remote work-only exemption, must comply with weekly testing requirements. Employees will receive a warning if they miss one; if they miss two, they are placed on unpaid leave for up to 30 days or until they comply. If they miss three or are out of compliance for more than 30 days, they will be subject to termination. 

You will be notified by VCU with details when it is time to report for testing. 

As a reminder, faculty and staff who are dually employed through both the university and the health system, or university employees working in health system facilities must comply with health system vaccination requirements in accordance with VCUHS guidelines.

Students, employees and families overwhelmingly supported the decision to require vaccinations. VCU’s high vaccination rates, along with other public health measures, are essential to promoting a safe environment in which to live, learn and work. 

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As always, should conditions change, or should new information require us to pivot, we will do so. Thank you for demonstrating the responsibility required to overcome these most difficult challenges. 


ONE VCU: Better Together Team