VCU Together Update for students - July 13, 2021

VCU’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement is due July 15 — Here are 10 things you need to know

Our priorities are the health, safety and wellness — both physical and emotional — of every member of the VCU community. VCU continues to monitor, assess and address situations as they arise. This weekly update will be a resource to help keep you informed as details become available. All updates are available at Receive notifications by downloading VCU Mobile from your iOS or Android app store.

  1. All students who live, learn, work or will be on campus for any reason are required to comply with VCU’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement by uploading their vaccine information. The requirement also applies to students who are enrolled in virtual classes (unless the degree program is one of VCU’s entirely online degree programs).
  2. July 15 is the deadline to report your COVID-19 vaccine documentation or submit an exemption request to University Student Health Services.
  3. There are two ways to be compliant with VCU’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement — receive your vaccination and report it to VCU, or request and receive an approved exemption (religious or medical).
  4. Students with approved exemptions will be required to comply with alternative public health measures such as masking, completing daily health checks, routine surveillance testing and quarantine procedures.
  5. Students who do not comply by completing one of the methods in step 3 will receive a registration hold and will not be able to make adjustments to existing course schedules (or enroll if not yet enrolled) until they report their vaccine or qualify for an exemption. These students will also be required to comply with the alternative public health measures for individuals who are not vaccinated, such as masking, completing daily health checks, routine surveillance testing and quarantine procedures.
  6. If you’ve had your first dose but don’t plan to get your second dose until after the July 15 deadline, go ahead and upload documentation of your first dose now, and note the date of your second dose appointment. Once your second dose appointment is completed, upload that documentation as soon as possible. You will need to follow the public health measures required of VCU community members who are not vaccinated until you have received and reported your vaccine to VCU.
  7. International students or students living abroad should refer to the World Health Organization for a list of COVID-19 vaccines (in addition to the three vaccines currently available in the U.S.) that will meet VCU’s requirement. VCU’s Global Education Office has put together some guidance for international students and scholars.
  8. As with all required vaccines for students, only authorized personnel can access vaccine records reported to the university. Student Health Services has a team responsible for verifying COVID-19 vaccine documentation for students and shares vaccination or exemption records with authorized personnel for the purpose of managing public health measures. Student Health Services may also access this information if an individual reports COVID-19 symptoms or if they are identified as a close contact of a confirmed positive case. Any record of the provision of health services, however, remains confidential in a student's health record at Student Health, consistent with applicable laws and regulations.
  9. If you are vaccinated, your Entry Pass will show a green check. If you have an exemption, your Entry Pass will show a green check once you complete the necessary public health measures such as daily health checks and testing. 
  10. VCU community members who are vaccinated may continue practicing public health measures, such as wearing masks, if they wish to do so. 

Where to go for more information

More information about requirements and the public health measures are included on and in the required Responsible Together Course.

Vaccines, active cases and testing data

VCU continues to publish COVID-19 metrics, including active cases and testing data, based on the information reported to VCU Student Health Services and Employee Health. Information about reported student and university employee vaccinations can also be found on the One VCU: Better Together vaccination dashboard. VCU expects vaccine reporting to increase over the next several weeks, though there will always be members of the VCU community, as well as those in the community at large, who for a variety of reasons do not get vaccinated. To protect yourself and those who are unable to get vaccinated, public health and safety experts recommend that those who can be vaccinated get the vaccine (click here to find a vaccine near you). 

Campus space updates

Based on guidance from the state, VCU has lifted density restrictions in all settings, though some classrooms may utilize 66 percent of the full capacity. Colleges and schools may work with the Office of Records and Registration to increase course capacity if they wish to do so. Students and employees who wish to practice physical distancing may continue to do so. Talk to your supervisor or faculty member if you have questions or concerns about space. Asking others about their vaccine status is not advised.