Vaccination is required for all VCU faculty and staff by September 15

All VCU faculty and staff will be required to report COVID-19 vaccination or, if applicable, submit requests for medical or religious exemptions by September 15. Submit your documentation or exemption request here. If you have already reported your vaccination, there is no action required on your part. Employees who are dually employed with VCU Health System must report vaccination to both the university and the health system (information about health system requirements can be found through the VCU Health System intranet). 

For university employees, this decision aligns with Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s Executive Directive 18, which directs state employees, including university employees, to be vaccinated (with allowances for medical and religious exemptions), and mirrors the vaccine requirement for VCU students.

How to report your vaccination

You can upload your documentation here. You can also find the link in the daily health survey. There are several ways for you to upload your documentation:

  • Snap a picture of your COVID-19 vaccine card with your phone, ensuring all information on the card is visible in the picture
  • Scan your card on a printer
  • Take a screenshot of the confirmation email from your health care provider or pharmacy and save it as a JPG, PNG, or GIF.

The file formats that work best are JPG, PNG and GIF.

How to request an exemption

Submit exemption requests here. Exemption requests must be submitted for approval by September 15. Employees whose exemption requests are approved or under review are required to participate in frequent asymptomatic surveillance testing, which is offered on-campus through VCU at no cost to the employee. Employees will receive an email from when they are required to report for testing.

Frequently asked questions

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