Weekly surveillance testing requirement for employees

Unvaccinated employees with an approved medical or religious exemption, exemption under review, or a vaccination in progress (this includes employees who are eligible to receive a booster but who have not yet reported a booster to VCU when eligible), are required to participate in weekly asymptomatic surveillance testing. Follow these directions to schedule your test. 

Note: If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or have been instructed to quarantine or isolate, do not complete the asymptomatic surveillance test. Immediately report your health status to VCU Employee Health and email covidtest@vcu.edu about delaying your test (you are not required to disclose your personal health information). VCU offers on-campus vaccination through VCU Employee Health. Call (804) 828-0584 to schedule an appointment. To search all vaccination opportunities near you, visit vaccines.gov.  

Each week, follow the steps below to participate in testing:

Step 1: Set up your Kallaco account
As a surveillance testing participant, you are registered with Kallaco, a portal for accessing your test results. Log into your Kallaco account at my.kalla.co with your eid@vcu.edu email address. If this is your first time participating in COVID-19 testing through VCU, you will receive an email from Kallaco (noreply@kalla.co) with instructions for setting up your Kallaco account. If you already have a Kallaco account but forgot the password, you can reset it at my.kalla.co/Identity/Account/ForgotPassword

For employees who complete testing on campus:

  • Step 2: Schedule your weekly test
    Click here to schedule a 10-minute appointment at 930 W. Grace Street (Monroe Park Campus). Appointments are available Monday through Friday. Note, starting the week of January 24, the employee surveillance testing location will change. Employees can report to surveillance testing at either 800 West Broad Street or 1110 East Broad Street.

  • Step 3: Take the test
    For on-campus appointments, bring a valid, government-issued photo ID or your VCU ID and a face covering. Participants must follow all safety protocols. Due to volume, testing locations are unable to accommodate guests while you receive your test. 

For employees approved to take an at-home/mail-in test:

  • Step 2: Take the at-home test
    Employees who opt-into at-home testing will receive a month’s supply of test kits at the start of each month. Complete one self-collected test by following the directions found inside the kit.

  • Step 3: Return the kit via FedEx
    Drop off your completed test kit to any FedEx location or drop-box by Friday of each week. Once your test has been scanned by FedEx, you will be in compliance with the testing requirement for the week.