Cleaning supplies and cleaning facilities

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Q: If someone I go to class with or work with becomes positive with COVID-19, will the classroom or office be closed and cleaned?

A: Yes, anyone who exhibits symptoms or who tests positive for COVID-19 must report it to Student Health Services or Employee Health by calling 1-804-MYCOVID. Student Health Services and Employee Health will provide students and employees with instructions for isolation/quarantine and testing. They will then notify VCU Facilities Management and leadership in the school/department in order to initiate the closing and cleaning of the classroom(s) and/or workspace(s).

Q: Will HVAC systems be monitored to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

A: Yes, HVAC systems in VCU facilities are being operated and maintained to maximize outside air ventilation and ensure filtration is in place. In addition, buildings are operating at reduced occupancy which improves indoor air quality. Wearing face coverings, physical distancing, daily health monitoring, handwashing, and cleaning and disinfecting are also in place to improve the safety of our indoor environment.

Q: Will VCU provide cleaning supplies?

A: VCU will provide each returning student a starter supply kit that includes face coverings, hand sanitizer and spray disinfectant. Supplies will also be located in common areas of campus facilities as well as in vending machines at no cost.

Q: How often will VCU clean?

A: The university’s custodial staff are frequently cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces (i.e., frequently touched surfaces), such as door handles, light switches, elevator buttons, restroom surfaces, railings, water fountains and tables, in common areas of buildings that are occupied with employees, faculty and students, including offices, classrooms and facilities staffed by Physical Plant operations employees (e.g., Operations Center and maintenance shops). High-touch surfaces that are being cleaned do not include electronics (e.g., computer monitors, keyboards, computer mice and telephones) in office spaces. Employees and students will be responsible for applying disinfectant to their personal work spaces, rooms and belongings before and after use. Disinfectant materials will be provided in classrooms and most common areas. For details about cleaning and disinfecting procedures, visit

Q: Can you confirm contracted custodians are aware of CDC sanitization standards?

A: The cleaning and disinfection standard outlined on the Facilities Management website is per CDC guidance. VCU contractors are required to follow these guidelines as well as support the safety of their employees in all of their job duties.