Vaccination dashboard

This dashboard, which will be updated weekly, shows the population of university students and employees who have reported their vaccinations to the university. For the data below, the following definitions apply:

  • Students: The student population registered for fall 2021 at VCU for the Monroe Park and MCV campus locations as of the last updated date
  • Employees: University employees classified in Banner as adjunct, classified, graduate assistant/post doc, hourly/wage, faculty, or UAP
  • Review in progress: Vaccines which have been reported to VCU, and are awaiting verification from Student Health Services

Vaccinations reported

Last updatedVerified student vaccinationsVerified employee vaccinations
July 30, 2021 67.5% 82.1%

Verified student vaccinations

Verified employee vaccinations

How to report

Students can report their vaccinations through Student Health Services, while university employees can report by completing this online form.